STAFF | Beach Road Weekend

Welcome to the Beach Road Weekend staffing program.
We just need a few more details from you to make sure we’re ready for your arrival.


All positions in the staffing program are paid.

For the first 20 hours you work, the pay will be $20/hr

All hours worked over 20 hours will be paid at $25/hr

All hours worked over 30 hours will be paid at $30/hr

In exchange for working, you will also receive a 3 Day GA Staff Pass, a festival staff t-shirt, and a great experience. You will also meet other like-minded people from all over the world and gain valuable music industry experience. You must be 18 years old by August 5th, 2019 to be eligible to work. If you have not submitted your waiver by the date stated in your acceptance email, you will lose your spot.


Work in all sorts of departments during the event helping to run the event. See terms below for specific information regarding sign in requirements and time commitment.


By submitting the below form, I signify my agreement to the terms below: I am agreeing to work for the Beach Road Weekend Music Festival. I will be at least 18 years old by August 5th, 2019.

I understand that all communication including what category I am assigned to and important information such as sign in locations, etc, will be emailed to the email address I provided. It is my responsibility to check my emails and respond in a timely manner when necessary.

I understand that this application is non-transferrable. No name changes may be made, and I may not transfer my staff position to another person.


As staff at the Festival, I will commit to working an average minimum of 20 hours.


I understand that I may check in prior to gates opening to the general public on 08-09-2019. I understand that I may not enter the festival with any non-staff until the gates are open to the general public.


I understand that there is an additional 15-minute buffer added to my work hours. This 15-minute buffer is not included in my average minimum work commitment of 20.0 hours (4 x 5hr Shifts). This is to transport me to my shift once I sign in.


I understand that failure to perform my duties as expected/required may result in my dismissal from the team and removal from festival grounds.


I understand that I may not receive my work schedule and assignments until I arrive and check in to the Beach Road Weekend. Whenever possible, the supervisor will release schedules prior to the Festival.


I understand that I must check in and out of each of my shifts at the designated tent to receive credit for each of my work shifts.


I understand that I am rated for my work performance for each shift. I understand that this is a subjective grading, such as a college term paper, and all ratings are final, as given by my work supervisor. 

I understand that I am required to stay at my assigned work position until relieved by my shift supervisor. In the event that my work shift is over, and I have not been relieved, I may utilize the supervisor’s number to text or call my supervisor for instructions (this number is provided in the week of event email).


Your pay still be sent via PayPal 2 week after the close of the festival (August 26-30th). Please be sure you have an account set up with the email address you are signing up with or add the email address to an existing account.


I agree to indemnify and hold harmless Beach Road Weekend and The Martha’s Vineyard Concert Series, employees, and affiliated partners from any and all losses, claims, actions, damages, and expenses.


I agree to allow my photograph to be taken during my shifts for promotional purposes by the Martha’s Vineyard Concert Series.


Employees are fully responsible for their own lodging. Beach Road Weekend can assist in providing lodging options.

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