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​All local bands will be playing after the headliner each night on the MV Stage.

PLAN ACCORDINGLY the last steamship ferry leaves at 9:30PM! 


Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mike cut his teeth as a young teenager playing in the streets of Harvard Square and in the subways of Boston. Soon he found himself performing in bars and clubs throughout the New England area. Mike moved to New York City where he quickly became a busy studio singer/guitar player recording scores of national jingles from Coke to Clorox to Bud and was a regular performer in New York’s music venue and club scene.

Mike moved himself and family to Martha's Vineyard and formed The Mike Benjamin Band releasing two CD’s, Never Too Late and Backyard both were self produced in his studio and are in regular rotation on several radio stations including WMVY, WBOS, WCIB, WUMB.

The Mike Benjamin Band specializes in private events and are in high demand. Most recently the band had the honor of playing at Tonight Show host, Seth Meyer’s wedding and was invited to perform at former President Bill Clinton’s 60th Birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard.. Over the years Mike has played with such luminaries as Brad Paisley, Mark Cohn, Martin Sexton, Delbert Mclinton, Patty LaBell, Will Lee, Vicky Sue Robinson, Paul Shaffer, Bo Diddly, James Taylor, The Dave Letterman Band, The Blues Brothers, Sue Tadeschi and more. He can also be heard playing guitar behind Carley Simon on the opening theme to Disney’s full feature film, Piglets Great Adventure.
As featured in: The Boston Globe , The Vineyard Gazette , The MV Times

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